Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday October 4, 2009

The Red River Valley is experiencing cooler wetter winter days.
I read an interesting article in the November issue of Yoga Journal dealing with the change in seasons and the need to change the diet. As it grows cooler, our inner fire or agni, requires fuel to burn which is why most of us turn to warming foods and less raw uncooked foods.
Our digestive track runs on this inner agni and if we eat cool foods or raw foods,
we might experience gas or bloating and a sense of heaviness, according to the author. (See YJ November, 2009 eating wisely column by Shubhra Krishan entitled, dressed for winter (p.35).
Warming foods like soups and roasted vegetables or stews actually help keep the digestive fire glowing efficiently whereby eating cooler foods may actually put a strain on the digestive system.
According to a congress of over 40,000 Ayurvedic practitioners base in Delhi, India the body knows what it wants and intuitively we reach for those foods that truly sustain our bodies.
As a practictioner of hatha yoga I also attempt to observe and practice Ayurvedic rules for health and healing. This means making a more determined effort to combine foods into groups that agree with my physical well-being and attempt to cut out more processed or canned foods.
I admit, my habits tend to make me run and eat chocolate just about any day of the year; maybe even more so when it grows cooler and I can rationalize the hot chai or hot cocoa drinks. Mocha coffee is the #1 treat I give myself when I travel or go out for a day of shopping and driving not matter what temperature is may be outdoors. It's just hard to give up the caffeine drinks sometimes, but I do know that giving my body a break really is "a good thing," as Martha Stuart would say, so I cut down a bit and try not to keep home made chocolate chip cookies in the house. ( I made some last night, just so I could eat some raw cookie dough, baked about 3 dozen and packed them off with hubby on his business trip!)

Hope my bad habits do not encourage you folks out there. My failings are really mine, and I admit failure as a way to see into an avenue of success. Guess there's always going to be a trade-off of sorts when it comes to success and failure, but as I get older, admitting failure does not seem to be so difficult as it once was.

Stay healthy out there and keep warm with a variety of roasted veggies. Don't forget your pets too. I know my dog, Sparky, prefers his meals warmed-up this time of year and he hates dog food of just about any description so eggs, meats, boca burgers, or fish are always heated for a few minutes- even if it is the microwave oven!

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